Deer Season is Over… Now What?

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One of the saddest times of the year is the moment you realize that late January is upon us and deer season will be ending.  A state of depression is the best way to explain it, as you will be longing to get back into the tree stand with your bow come September.  It doesn’t have to be all negative, and there are many things you can do to keep yourself occupied during the off-season.  While it may not be … Read More

Super Quick Clean Guns Solution: A Review

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Cleaning and maintenance of a firearm are critical in every sport that involves a firearm.  Whether you are braving the frigid temperatures for duck hunting or spending your Saturdays punching paper targets, making sure your gun is clean is important. The past few weeks I have been traveling along the east coast following the migration of ducks down from Canada into Maryland, and now I find myself in Northern Virginia. Along the way, I have shot hundreds of rounds through … Read More

How Air Temperature Effects Bullet Flight

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In the long-distance ring, temperature plays a much bigger role than simply how comfortable you are while shooting. How does air temperature affect bullet trajectory? Ambient air temperature has an inverse effect on air density. This can create a balancing effect in elevation change. The change in air temperature can affect bullet drop measured in inches at some ranges. Air temperature also effects powders, making them burn hotter and faster. As a refresher from the last few columns, the reason … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Pelican Micro Cases

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Pelican doesn’t just make cases for guns and accessories, sometimes you might want to keep something a little bit smaller protected with their Micro Cases line. Whether it’s a red dot sight or that high-end DSLR that you use to document your trips they’re a great idea. Pelican always impresses with the quality of their cases, giving you the best protection around for whatever you may need to keep secure. Pelican, Inc. started as a garage outfit which produced items … Read More

Hunting the Post Rut

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With the cold settling in across the United States, much of the rut activity is beginning to die down. The big bucks you have been seeing on your trail cams have disappeared, and now you are wondering how you will be able to fill that final buck tag. The bucks have mated, and many of the larger more mature bucks are becoming more and more elusive. We have entered the dreaded post-rut period and hunting those trophy wall hangers has … Read More

The Reason I Carry

Last night as I was out to dinner with friends, one of them noticed that I had my Rock Island 1911 tucked into the small of my back in my waistband holster. This brought about a long debate about gun rights and why I personally choose to conceal and carry a firearm when I go to a populated event. I don’t boast it on my hip, and I always make sure its discreet as possible. I wouldn’t want any potential … Read More

The Importance of Weapon Maintenance

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Earlier during muzzleloader season, I made an amateur mistake. The perfect opportunity presented itself, with a decent size buck 35 yards upwind walking broadside.  I pulled my muzzleloader up to my shoulder, I took my time and placed the reticle of my scope slightly behind the shoulder. I was positive that I had this one in the bag and later on that day I would be enjoying delicious back strap for lunch. I slowed my breathing, took a deep breath, … Read More

Hunting the Mississippi Flyway

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When hunting the Mississippi Flyway is brought up in conversation, often the avid duck hunters mind floats to images related directly to Stuttgart, Arkansas.  Stuttgart is the self-proclaimed duck hunting capital of the world, where the Mack’s Prairie Wing’s mallard is cupped up waiting to land in an almost always busy parking lot.  The surrounding rice fields and flooded timber offer some of the best that duck hunting has to offer, but there is more to the Mississippi flyway than … Read More

Meet the Gun Control Lobby

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The gun control lobby in the US is constantly pushing for new regulations and expansion of the existing laws, usually under the guise of being concerned about recent events. The movements themselves are rather splintered but as responsible gun owners it’s important to keep yourself educated on those who are seeking to restrict your rights. Keeping yourself educated means more than just knowing the names and goals of the organizations. It also means knowing something about the people behind them, … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Pelican Storm Cases

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Hard gun cases are some of the best things for any gun owner. Of course, not just any case will do since you need both security and protection in order to ensure that it keeps the wrong people out but still keeps your valuable firearm in perfect condition no matter how the case is handled. Pelican’s Storm line of cases aren’t quite as varied in size as their elderly Protector line, but they’re super lightweight and easy to function and … Read More

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