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How Air Temperature Effects Bullet Flight
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In the long-distance ring, temperature plays a much bigger role than simply how comfortable you are while shooting. How does air temperature affect bullet trajectory? Ambient air temperature has an inverse effect on air density. This can create a balancing effect in elevation change. The change in air temperature can affect bullet drop measured in inches at some ranges. Air temperature also effects powders, making them burn hotter and... Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Pelican Micro Cases
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Pelican doesn’t just make cases for guns and accessories, sometimes you might want to keep something a little bit smaller protected with their Micro Cases line. Whether it’s a red dot sight or that high-end DSLR that you use to document your trips they’re a great idea. Pelican always impresses with the quality of their cases, giving you the best protection around for whatever you may need to keep... Read More

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