Super Quick Clean Guns Solution

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A fast-acting, true CLP gun cleaner, SQCG is Grandpa Ray’s go-to solution for cleaning any type of firearm. A few sprays, a bore snake (or whatever you use), and you’ll have your gun clean, super quick. (Ha, see what I did there?)

  • CLEANS: Penetrates all manner of fouling without harsh chemicals or strong odors.
  • LUBRICATES: A dry micro-lube that bonds to the base metal and dries without oily residue.
  • PROTECTS:  Removes and inhibits rust. Repels moisture, salt, and sweat.

Currently available in 4 and 8 ounce bottles.


Super Quick Clean Guns cleaner solution

Super Quick Clean Guns, also known as SQCG, is a true CLP, and so much more.


SQCG cleans with a fast-acting penetrant that loosens carbon and plastic fouling from firearms so that it can be wiped away in one application. A powerful gun cleaner that eliminates the need for any other solution, yet is low-odor, and gentle enough to be used on wood, composites, and optics.


SQCG is a dry micro-lubricant that bonds to metal to ensure smooth action without leaving an oily residue. Your pistols, rifles, and shotguns maintain optimal performance without ever becoming too greasy to touch.


SQCG also acts as a rust remover, rust inhibitor, and a moisture dissipater. A few sprays of SQCG and a wad of bronze wool can help you restore a rusty firearm. SQCG forms a unique barrier that draws moisture away from metal and keeps rust from forming. Also repels oil, salt, sweat, and other contaminants.

More than Just Guns

Super Quick Clean Guns gun cleaner and lubricant is the perfection solution for taking care of any type of metal surface. Lubricate any type of tool, gear, ratchet, or chain with just a couple sprays. Loosen rusty bolts and locks. Keep an extra bottle in your tool chest because you never know when you might need it.

SQCG functions in temperatures as low as -45 degrees. A few sprays will prevent optics from fogging and locks from freezing in some of the worst conditions you could find yourself in.

Finally, SQCG is great for cleaning and maintaining the brilliant look of stainless steel kitchen appliances. A few sprays and you can have your stainless steel refrigerator or stove gleaming like it did when you first saw it on the showroom floor. And since SQCG forms a barrier, it resists fingerprints, so you’ll have less of the dreaded drawback of all that metal in your kitchen.

Grandpa Ray recommends using SQCG with a bore snake. Just wet the bore snake with a few sprays of SQCG and then run it through the barrel of your firearm.


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Weight 5 oz

4, 8

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  1. Steven R.

    Sprayed it on a snake and ran it through. Cleans like a champ. Also used it to loosen my ratchet tie-downs that were locked up. Will buy again.

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