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While Grandpa Ray would love to write a dozen articles a week, he can hardly keep up with the mail. Instead, keep up to date with what's going on in the world of firearms with posts from quality blogs and magazines across the internet. If you find something of interest, click on the link. We'll see you later.


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  • #SundayGunday: Winchester SXP Long Beard
    Get a closer look at the Winchester SXP Long Beard, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.
  • The Mountain Man Who Opened the West
    Ignore the movies. The real men who conquered the American West would not fit the John Wayne image. Perhaps the definitive case against that image is the life of Christopher “Kit” Carson.
  • Behind the Bullet: .338 Federal
    Released in 2006, the .338 Federal may be one of the wisest choices the big-game hunter who likes a lightweight, sweet-shooting, short-action rifle could make.
  • Must-Have Backyard BBQ Gear for 2019
    Turn your hard-earned meat into mouthwatering meals.
  • Guide to Hunter Mentor Programs
    Scouring the internet in search of hunting mentor programs can be a pain, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s our list of mentor hunting programs, state by state, as well as some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) new hunters may find helpful before they go afield in pursuit of game.