Why You Need a Good Knife

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Out of all the pieces of gear one could have there is nothing more versatile or more important than having a sturdy knife.  Knives have been one of mankind go to tools since the first caveman sharpened a knife thousands of years ago.  This is something that even today, with all the technology and advanced equipment there is, you should also always carry a sturdy knife as hunter or outdoorsman. Knives come in all different sizes from small compact multi-tools … Read More

Common Shooting Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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All shooters should know what to look for when it comes to the most common shooting mistakes.Not only will this make you a better shooter, but it will also help to increase the accuracy of those around you. So being able to quickly identify and offer the correct remedies to a shooter is an important thing to be able to do whether it’s shooting with friends or teaching a new shooter. With my background in the United States Marine Corps, … Read More

Mossy Oak vs. Realtree Camouflage

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Mossy Oak and Realtree are two of the biggest camouflage companies currently on the market, and distinguishing which is the best for you can get pretty difficult. The truth is that it takes more than just a quick recommendation to come to a usable conclusion. If you’ve been wondering which of these companies makes the best companion pieces for your hunt, then you’re in luck as we compare and contrast some of their more famous patterns and the uses for … Read More

History of the M-1 Garand

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General Patton referred to the M-1 Garand as the greatest battle implement ever devised.  If it was good enough for old blood and guts himself, then it is good enough for me.  The M-1 has long been my favorite rifle.  There is something about the stock, the kick and even the nostalgia surrounding the gun.  It is a beautiful firearm, and deadly accurate and I just cannot say enough positive things about this rifle. This article is going to look … Read More

Two-Wheeled Hunting: Tracking Down Prey with Mountain Bikes

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While ATVs and trucks get most of the attention, they’re also loud and costly. If you’re willing to put out the effort then you just might find that a mountain bike can be a perfect companion for many kinds of hunting. Faster than hiking, and quieter if you’re careful, mountain bikes offer some surprising advantages if the terrain you’re on allows for their usage. Even if you aren’t going to be dragging them through the brush, with a little bit … Read More

How to Store Guns Safely

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As gun owners, we have certain rights and responsibilities.  We have the right to bear arms, but we also should make sure that we take proper safety precautions in handling and storing a firearm.  Guns can be deadly when not treated carefully, and it is the job of gun owners to care for and store our firearms properly, it prevents accidents from happening as well as fueling the anti-gun rhetoric that is currently taking place. It is paramount that all … Read More

How to Choose a Scope Reticle for Shooting

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The scope is an essential piece of equipment. Everyone from hunters to the military to your everyday shooters has enjoyed the ability to shoot farther and more accurately. There have been a number of advancements throughout history that have developed into some amazing pieces of technology. The shooting industry has gone from basic 1x powered scopes from the civil war to scopes that help shooters reach distances of up to and past 1000 yards, much with the help of the … Read More

Wilderness Survival for the Hunter in All of Us

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As hunters and outdoorsmen, we have all heard the stories about wilderness survival. The afternoon hunt that turned into a week-long affair, in a place the hunter has hunted hundreds of times and it went bad. It went bad quick fast and in a hurry as they like to say in the military. It is important that we have some sort of preparation if everything goes bad and we find ourselves in a survival situation trying to make it home … Read More

Introducing New Hunters to Our Sport

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As an avid outdoorsman, I am always looking to take our sport to as many people as I can. I try to infect my friends and family with the same buck fever or duck madness that overtook me at a young age. Every year I try to find a friend or maybe a niece or nephew and introduce them to hunting and the great outdoors. It is an important part of preserving our legacy and introducing new and younger generations … Read More

A Primer on Tactical Pens

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Tactical pens have recently hit the market, especially since more and more urban areas are making it pretty much impossible to carry a weapon for self-defense. There’s a lot to be recommended when it comes to these devices, but there’s no real standardized definition. A good one should function as a decent improvised stabbing weapon, but from there they’ve naturally exploded until there are even knock-offs which end up basically being a multi-tool in pen form. There’s a lot to … Read More

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