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Super Quick Clean Guns Solution: A Review

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Cleaning and maintenance of a firearm are critical in every sport that involves a firearm.  Whether you are braving the frigid temperatures for duck hunting or spending your Saturdays punching paper targets, making sure your gun is clean is important.

The past few weeks I have been traveling along the east coast following the migration of ducks down from Canada into Maryland, and now I find myself in Northern Virginia. Along the way, I have shot hundreds of rounds through my Browning A-5, and every hunt I come back to my hotel, and I clean my gun.

The A-5 that I shoot is very traditional with the wood stock and the blued barrel.  I love the way that gun looks naturally without having a camo pattern that offers more protection.  Without that protective coat though, I have to be even more careful with my gun to ensure that rust does not form on the outside. 

As any other duck hunter will tell you, the hunting is best when the weather is at its worst.  Rain, Sleet, Snow and in the mud are usual conditions a duck hunter will face.  These conditions can cause a lot of problems for your gun, and if you aren’t careful and take good care of your gun, it won't last long. On this last trip I was on, we have encountered all kinds of nasty weather. This is also the first time I have used Super Quick Guns Solutions (SuperQCG) to clean my gun, and I have to be honest this is my favorite gun cleaning solution.

I have used them all, from the CLP brand to rem oil and rem action cleaner, and there is definitely something to be said about the superior quality of SuperQCG.  It is all around a better product, and it helps ensure that your gun is ready to go when it needs to be, even in the worst conditions.  I have put it to the test these past few weeks, and I have been thoroughly impressed with its superior performance.


My first impression of SuperQCG was the sleek and compact design of its packaging. The bottle is made of metal, and it is compact enough that it can easily fit into my blind bag. I like to carry some kind of lubricant or gun cleaning solution in case I need to clean my gun quickly in the field. This is an essential for any hunter, and it's always nice to cut down on the size and weight of things you are carrying.

I usually carry REM oil, which takes up a whole section of my blind bag, and it is just not convenient to carry on its own. Other times I have used CLP brand, and while it is small, I have had the bottle open up on numerous occasions in my blind bag and had CLP cover all of my gear and sometimes my lunch. This is not something you want to have happen while you are in the field. The compactness of SuperQCG allows me to stow it easily in my blind bag and leave room for more snacks… I mean shotgun shells. Also, my other favorite feature is the steel casing and the hard plastic applicator on top that has prevented any spills from occurring in my blind bag.

Rust Prevention

As I talked about earlier, I love using my A-5 with the blued barrel and the wood stock. I love the wood look, and it's just something I have always admired. It reminds me of my dad and grandpa’s gun; I guess I am just a sucker for that polished wood look. I am not the guy who needs to have my gun match my camo and its OK if you are, that is just my preference though. The only downside to this is the lack of protection that is offered on camo guns as opposed to wooden ones. So when I am hunting in the snow, rain, saltwater and freshwater rust is bound to form on my gun before others.

Even as quickly as a morning hunt I can see the rust spots starting to form around my gun. So it was imperative that SuperQCG is able to prevent rust and also be able to take rust off. I followed the manufacturer's instruction, and I applied SuperQCG on the barrel area that had some rust build up, and I waited about a minute. Then I used a fine bronze wool to rub the rust off gently. It worked like a charm, also I have noticed that it is able to prevent more rust. The general upkeep since I started using SuperQCG has been less. I have not seen any rust form on the barrel of my shotgun, that area is generally the worst, but since I began using SQCG, I have not noticed any new rust. This is unlike other products which I constantly have to reapply a protective layer to take off the rust.

Do You Need Oil?

Super QCG is not an oil, and you do not need to use oil as a lubricant. The formula itself will act as a lubricant, and it is not necessary to oil your action or any other part of your gun. Not only does this cut down on things you need to carry, but it also saves you time and money. You no longer have to buy oil, and you can rely on their patented micro lube to ensure your actions will work smoothly every time. The thing I love about Super QCG is that it more convenient than other products, and it is more versatile than any other product I have used to clean my gun within the past.

Super Quick Is Not An Oil

How to Apply It

I first like to take the shotgun completely apart. This allows you to clean all of the important pieces of your gun. I started with running a few patches that I sprayed with Super QCG on down the barrel of my gun. I did this until the patches would come out clean, depending on how I did that day it could be only a two or three patches or as many as 7 or 8. Then I take a bore snake and run that through my barrel to make sure it is clean as well. For my shotgun, I usually take my choke out to make sure it's not beginning to rust, and I sprayed that down with Super QCG as well. I then spray the barrel down just to ensure rust does not begin to form. I like to inspect my gun for rust, but since I have used this product, I have yet to find rust forming on my barrel.

I then like to take the bolt out and clean into the action. I spray Super QCG into the gun and begin to clean with Q tips or a rag. I like to break the bolt down to its smallest form to ensure that I get every piece of it cleaned and that it is ready to go for the next day of hunting. I will then wipe down all the spots that I can reach down to ensure that it is completely dry. If you cant, reach certain spots it's not a big deal as SuperQCG will dry on its own. Another thing I love about it is that there is no residue build-up left behind. Often with CLP, you have residue that can build up, but with this stuff, I haven’t noticed any gunk or build up.

While so far I have only used it on my shotgun, I cannot wait to start using it on all of my firearms. You can also spray it on any of your wood firearms without worrying about it damaging your priceless family keepsakes. Their website says it is safe for any firearm, and it will not affect scopes or any sites that you accidentally might spray it on. I have yet to spray it on a scope accidentally, so I am not sure if that is the case.


While it is more expensive than other brands, my father always told me that you get what you pay for. I know you can buy a big bottle of CLP for about $9 a bottle, or REM oil will only cost you about $7 a can. Super QCG costs $20 a bottle, and while It may seem like a lot, I believe if you rely on your gun, you shouldn’t skimp on any part of your gun. From the bullets, you shoot through it to the lubricant you use to clean your gun, putting the best products into it will usually give the best results.

I have been using it religiously every day for the past two weeks while hunting and I would say that so far I have only used less than ¼ of the bottle. I think I should be able to get a lot more uses out of this bottle and while the cost may be high, it is definitely worth the price. It seems to last long, and you only need to use a few sprays to coat the gun completely.

Comparing It to Similar Products

There are a number of products on the market, and while I haven't used them all, I have used a number of them over my hunting and military career. I have seen products that work well but are too big to carry conveniently, to ones that are not great but are more compact. Super Quick Clean Guns provides you with the best of both worlds. The product is amazing, and I truly believe it is one of the best products for properly maintaining your firearm. It also comes in a convenient bottle that you can slip into your blind bag or range bag. The other products on the market often times leave gunk and build up on the action, SQCG dries quickly and doesn’t leave any gunk behind.

Super Quick Clean Guns

4 and 8 Bottles


Super Quick Clean Guns Solution holds up to the test, and I love using this product. It goes above, and beyond almost every category I can think of for what you need as an avid hunter or firearm enthusiast. Taking care of your gun is important, and as I said before, the price may be higher, but it is worth it. I have been putting it to the test the past few weeks with hunts dipping down into the negatives with the wind chill, and I have not had a single jam yet. It also has helped to protect my shotgun from rust, and I am sold on this product. I will be a Super QCG guy now for life. It is worth taking a chance on Super QCG and once you start using it, I doubt you will want to use anything else.

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Jay Parks is an avid duck hunter and Marine who served two tours in Afghanistan.

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    Jay, you can spray Super QCG on to your scopes and they will no longer fog up! What you need to do is spray SGQC directly onto your lenses and then with a clean micro-fiber cloth use one corner of the cloth to wipe the solution off. Then go to the opposite corner and buff the lense. It will be super clean and sparkle, and it will resist fogging up. Enjoy.

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